Poetry by Design: Structure & Play
to May 5

Poetry by Design: Structure & Play

Take a Brooklyn Poets workshop with Ana this spring! For details and to register, visit the Brooklyn Poets site.

Is a poem a house built brick by brick? Or a fluffy cat poured into a vase? Is it a wrought urn or styrofoam cup, a leaving tree or an open field? In this workshop, we will play with the building blocks of poetry and launch an investigation into the poem’s materiality, the way its structure interprets natural and built forms, patterns and textures, and wavers between the grounded and the immaterial. We’ll explore meter and rhythm, the shapes of words and graphic design, poetic structure and architecture, the visual and sound poem. We will make poems as objects, buildings, skylines, waves and plants, and marvel at the dynamic life of the poetic word on and off the page.

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