Come on read some poems

Blush, I Stood Outside… & Other Poems

Prelude, Happy Ending

Brooklyn Rail, Depression & Other Poems

Equalizer 3, Four Poems

New York Tyrant, Three Poems

Foundry, Moonwhatever & Untitled

The Believer, Four Poems

Big Lucks, 15-1 on Light

Poetry Foundation, Who's That

Gramma, Baby Yaga

Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day, Migration

Jubilat, <3

NERO, Art History

Parallax, Elegy Sonata

About Place Journal, Busted Xmas Card

Jubilat, You Are an Epitome of Beauty & other poems

BathHouse, Nope / Courtney Love & others

Prelude, poems from Joy of Missing Out

Ampersand, a whole big bunch of poems

Rhizome/New Museum, The Fall

Imperial Matters, SYMPTOMS & others

Imperial Matters, four poems by not_I

BOMB Magazine/NADA Contemporary Art Zine, NO FILTER

The Advocate, Paris Pride Parade

Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day, Joyride

hyperallergic, The Night I Almost Fucked Ezra Pound

The Volta, Illuminated Lives of the She-Philosophers, a poetics

Fence, Casual Elegy for Luka Skracic

Everyday Genius, Mountains of Lucia

PEN American Center, War on a Lunchbreak

PSA, Buffet of Air, I woke up one day and I was the world and Ana was all around me

Leveler, Poem

Barrelhouse and, About Nietzsche

Occupy Writers, When the Dead Sing Out

EOAGH, War on a Lunchbreak, A Poem for You

Elective Affinities, The Curse, a mini-festo

Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day, Death, Is All

Loaded Bicycle, Porn, Poem Capitalism